It seems so difficult to take a positive stand against the unknown. Yet we take negative stands against our lives every day. We constantly remind or tell ourselves “we can’t win,” or ” I am a loser,” every day. When we speak these things we do not doubt what we say.  As the days go by we build an unshakable belief in what we say or think. It is so easy to do. And as a result, we get what we say. My proposal is to just make a tiny shift in our speaking and thinking. It may be difficult at first but we can do it.  Let start by simply saying ” I can, ” the first thing in the morning. Think ” I can,” throughout the day. Let see how much better your day becomes.

We who are in the “Master Key Experience, ” know the power of positive self-thought and speaking positive affirmations. Over time these thoughts, affirmations and positive daily activities produce awe-inspiring results in our lives and it does not cost a thing. The results are well worth it.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 18 – MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE”

  1. Yes agreed what we think we are. Just read of a woman over a 100 years old…still a Yoga teacher…sang for America’s Got Talent and more. One of the things she says to herself first thing is “It’s going to be a good day!” Yeah it is!


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