Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23, 2017, I took my last Rx med for migraine headaches. It has been a long, challenging 21 years of doctor and emergency room visits lost income and job opportunities for me. I decided in 2010 with the counsel of doctors that the side effects of the Rx meds outweighed the very small benefits if any that I received. This journey started in the fall of 1986 at that time I knew nothing about migraine headaches, but the one thing that  I would constantly say  ” I will get better.”  “I will get better.” Today I know this was not the best language to have chosen. Your words either create abundance or lack.

This is the purpose of my blog this week. Our choice of words. The word “will” implies something that will happen in the future, not today but later. I constantly said “I will get better. What would have been stronger is ” I am healed,” I am whole” and “I am well.” Why is the phrase ” I am,” so powerful a phrase in the English language?

(To be continued next week)



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