I am in week 11 of the Master Key Experience and I would like to talk about the phrase “I will, ”  versus ” I am,” for a moment.  For the last two decades, I have been creating goals like ” I will get fitter ” or “I will be debt free” and this has not happened. Why because it was always in the future and not in the present. It was something I hope to do or “will to do.” Now by changing my language from ” I will” to “I am” it has resulted in taking action, the right kind of action, not just wishful thinking.

As we prepare for the new year, 2018, many of us shall create new year resolutions that will last as long as an ice cube in a hot oven. We go from one extreme of no goals to several goals with no thought of why or how you plan to achieve it. It is something you hope to do.  Now that brings me back to the word will – try removing it from your language for a week and live in the present with phrases like “I am fit” or “I am financially free.” I have eliminated the word “will” as much as possible in my language and I am making better decisions and taking action, yes, action.  I have setbacks but I am moving constantly forward. My participating in the Master Key Alliance has resulted in independent thinking and taking action. The right kind of action.




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