What I have discover in reading and practicing  the exercises is the  quality of the effort that I put forth in reading my DMP or ” The Greatest Salesman.”  When I read it with feeling as opposed to passively reading it, I feel something changes within me . It is my new mental blue print being formed. It the cement that is gradually being chipped away and a new me becoming present for all the world to see and hear.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 8 – MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE”

  1. Yes, that adding emotions piece is vital. It isn’t the same doing the readings without. I know because I apply emotion and I don’t apply emotion, and you definitely know when you don’t. It isn’t the same, almost feels like a waste of time without. Do these readings with emotion!!!


  2. I completely agree, Calvin! Charging the readings with feeling makes them almost likely completely different material when you compare the two ways of reading them. Keep adding the feeling. I know it will pay off for you in many ways.


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