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We have everything we need to succeed. We just have to discover it or be made aware of it. Our uniqueness are the traits that sometimes lie buried deep within us. As I continue in week 16 of the Master Key Experience,  I have become aware of the unique qualities that I have and that no one else on this earth is exactly like me. I have a purpose that is specific to me. We all have a purpose and sometimes it has been covered in layers of cement by the years of self-doubt and unbelief. I realize that I can do or have anything I desire as long as it does not violate the laws of God and man. I no longer need to look to someone who may have the answer because the answer is always in me and you.


Books, books and books. I am in week 15 of the Master Key Experience and I have come to the realization that it is the application of knowledge on a consistent basis that leads one to success. I used to think that reading alone would eventually lead to success, but I was wrong. I have read volumes of books on nearly every subject one could think of but very little success that I speak on. I was always looking for the next latest, greatest how-to book but it just did not do it. As we learn in the Master Key Experience it is the daily application of knowledge with a plan that propels one to success in any area of life and business.


It is so true. What we think about grows. Good or bad. If one continually concentrate on a thought, idea or problem, it will take growth. In week 14 of the “Master Key Experience,” I am choosing which thoughts or beliefs I will give time to or focus on. Prior to this Master Key Experience I gave time to every thought which was self defeating. I am now choosing to focus only on the thoughts that will benefit me and my family. This is putting the “Law of Substitution” into practice. The Law of Substitution is one of the 7 Laws of the Mind.


Here is another revelation for me in the Master Key Experience. Success is not just something that happens in future or in the past. Success is achieved daily by accomplishing the small task of reading the index cards or performing the exercises. Success is in the present.  ” I am successful, ” I am worthy,” or “I am rich.” I am capable or I am great.  By constantly placing a demand on the inner self through repetition of positive thoughts and affirmations, one’s outer world produces whatever the demands are as long as it does not violate the laws of God or man. Yes, one can speak his or her desired outcome.


Wow! What an experience this Master Key Experience has been. I have gone through the ups, downs and turns on this journey to arrive at a level of success that I have never experienced before.  Is it worth it?  Yes, the self-discovery and the self-determination I have obtained in the last 12 weeks in unparalleled to until other book or training that I have tried in the last decade.


I am in week 11 of the Master Key Experience and I would like to talk about the phrase “I will, ”  versus ” I am,” for a moment.  For the last two decades, I have been creating goals like ” I will get fitter ” or “I will be debt free” and this has not happened. Why because it was always in the future and not in the present. It was something I hope to do or “will to do.” Now by changing my language from ” I will” to “I am” it has resulted in taking action, the right kind of action, not just wishful thinking.

As we prepare for the new year, 2018, many of us shall create new year resolutions that will last as long as an ice cube in a hot oven. We go from one extreme of no goals to several goals with no thought of why or how you plan to achieve it. It is something you hope to do.  Now that brings me back to the word will – try removing it from your language for a week and live in the present with phrases like “I am fit” or “I am financially free.” I have eliminated the word “will” as much as possible in my language and I am making better decisions and taking action, yes, action.  I have setbacks but I am moving constantly forward. My participating in the Master Key Alliance has resulted in independent thinking and taking action. The right kind of action.