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A major milestone has been reached for me in the Master Key Experience,  but the journey continues. We are near the end of the structure of the  Master Key Experience and what a journey it has been. What we need to remember is that this is a lifestyle, not something you do some of the time. It is like eating, drinking or sleeping. It is something that must be done every day with enthusiasm. I realized that change for the better is not only possible but a reality.


” I will be happy when I earn a six figures income” or when I buy the new house and car. I will be …….” It seems we sometimes place our happiness on an event in the future. We are in the “will” mode. We are neglecting the present for the future.  The statement ” I am happy now,” or  “I am well” is very powerful. We should focus on the present because it is all we have. I think if we can appreciate the present and maximize it when can reduce stress, worry, and fear. This could result in true happiness with what we have right now.


Would not it be great to turn fear into courage, failure into success or inaction into action? Well, that what the “Master Key Experience,” has taught me. How to flip fear into courage or failure into success. We often think that when we get the large house, luxury car or lots of money in the bank that we are then successful. No, we can be successful right here and right now. It only takes a change in mindset or attitude. And that is what my participation in the Master Key has taught me.


It’s is week 19 of the Master Key Experience and I must say I have come a long way. Adversities can either make us or break us. It is how we process the experience.  The statements “If Only,” or ” I wished.” We can live in the past or we can thrive and enjoy the present. My goal now is “I am.” To live and thrive in the present with positive thoughts and affirmations of exactly how I want to live and experience life. We can not undo the past but we can go forward into a great present and future.


It seems so difficult to take a positive stand against the unknown. Yet we take negative stands against our lives every day. We constantly remind or tell ourselves “we can’t win,” or ” I am a loser,” every day. When we speak these things we do not doubt what we say.  As the days go by we build an unshakable belief in what we say or think. It is so easy to do. And as a result, we get what we say. My proposal is to just make a tiny shift in our speaking and thinking. It may be difficult at first but we can do it.  Let start by simply saying ” I can, ” the first thing in the morning. Think ” I can,” throughout the day. Let see how much better your day becomes.

We who are in the “Master Key Experience, ” know the power of positive self-thought and speaking positive affirmations. Over time these thoughts, affirmations and positive daily activities produce awe-inspiring results in our lives and it does not cost a thing. The results are well worth it.


Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23, 2017, I took my last Rx med for migraine headaches. It has been a long, challenging 21 years of doctor and emergency room visits lost income and job opportunities for me. I decided in 2010 with the counsel of doctors that the side effects of the Rx meds outweighed the very small benefits if any that I received. This journey started in the fall of 1986 at that time I knew nothing about migraine headaches, but the one thing that  I would constantly say  ” I will get better.”  “I will get better.” Today I know this was not the best language to have chosen. Your words either create abundance or lack.

This is the purpose of my blog this week. Our choice of words. The word “will” implies something that will happen in the future, not today but later. I constantly said “I will get better. What would have been stronger is ” I am healed,” I am whole” and “I am well.” Why is the phrase ” I am,” so powerful a phrase in the English language?

(To be continued next week)